Used Ford F-450 Truck Inventory

Discover Quality Used Ford F-450 Inventory in Sanford

At Nations Trucks in Sanford, we have an extensive lineup of used Ford F-450 trucks that you can use to commute around Orlando. Daytona Beach drivers can browse our used inventory to find a high-quality used F-450 in excellent condition. The trucks have an affordable price, allowing you to choose the model that fits your needs and preferences.

Why Buy a Used F-450

Buying a used Ford-450 saves you money as the price of a used car is almost half the price of a new one. Tampa drivers can get a used F-450, pay off much faster, and save on financing fees. You will also be eligible for lower insurance premiums with a used car since it has already gone through much of its depreciation.

New cars start depreciating as soon as they leave the dealership and take a deeper dive within the first year. When you buy a used car, the bulk of depreciation has already occurred, and you will experience less depreciation during your ownership. Used cars do not have exaggerated or hidden fees such as destination fees, shipping charges, or dealer preparation.

What the Ford F-450 Offers

The Ford F-450 is a super-duty truck and one of the F-series lineup's largest and most capable trucks. It can handle massive payloads and handle tough towing demands even when off-roading. It is powered by a 385-hp 6.2L V8 engine with an optional 7.3L 430-hp V8 and a powerful 6.7 L turbocharged diesel V8 that delivers a groundbreaking 1050lb-ft of torque. Some features offered in the F-450 include automatic high-beams, 17-inch steel wheels, a trailer tow package, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Visit Our Dealership

Visit our dealership today from Jacksonville for a scheduled test drive and experience all the features of the Ford F-450. Browse our quality diesel trucks and heavy duty trucks with ease.

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