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Used Trucks for Sale in Sanford

If you have been thinking that it is time for a new truck, then you are probably right. The best part about buying used trucks near Orlando is that you have plenty of choices. Now, trucks are made tough, and they last for many years. A used truck is an excellent choice because you can get a reliable truck at an affordable price. Our dealership has a wide selection of trucks from major makers and brands.

Used Light Duty Trucks

If the heaviest thing that you expect to haul in your truck is several loads of mulch for your weekend landscaping project, then a light-duty pickup truck is probably what you need. Many of the used light-duty trucks on the market today are family-friendly with crew cabs and spacious interiors. You can choose something small with a four or six-foot bed, or you can choose a full-size truck that can haul a little more.

Some light-duty trucks, such as the Chevy Colorado, have exceptional off-road capabilities. The RAM 1500 is another popular choice for its towing and payload capacity. Of course, you could always choose the classic F-150 with this rugged frame and roomy interior. You have many choices in the light-duty pickup truck category.

Used Heavy Duty Trucks

A light-duty truck is a good choice for most jobs that homeowners and small businesses have to do, but sometimes, you need something with a bit more power and performance. If you need something that can pull a hay wagon, haul a load of concrete blocks to the worksite, or haul small construction equipment, then a used heavy-duty truck near Daytona Beach is what you need.

Manufactures such as GMC, Ford, and RAM have plenty of options if you need a truck that can do just a bit more than the average person needs. Fortunately, you have many selections that not only offer the power that you need, but they also come with luxurious interiors and plenty of amenities.

You could always check out the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD or the 3500 HD with its heavy-duty steel construction that puts strength where it is needed the most. The GMC Sierra is another excellent option in this category. The Ford Super Duty offers powerful engines and many choices and options. If you need to pull a gooseneck trailer, or you want a bigger boat, you have many options in the heavy-duty truck category.

Why You Might Consider a Used Truck near Tampa

Regardless of your needs, it might be enticing to think about a new truck, and there is nothing wrong with that for many people. However, if you need to get the most truck for your money, then buying used might be a better option for you. People tend to take pride in their truck, which means that they take good care of it. What this means for you is that you can often find one that is in almost new condition for much less than if you bought the current model.

Manufacturers only do a major overhaul of a model every few years. This means that you can have many of the same amenities on a used truck that are featured on the new models. The only difference is that you will not have to pay new truck prices. This difference in price often means that you can afford an upgrade on many of the features and amenities that you want the most. You can choose from many different manufacturers, and you can even choose from features and amenities that have been discontinued.

At Nations Trucks, we have an inventory of over 100 used trucks that you can choose. Our continually changing inventory includes trucks from many of the major manufacturers. If a new truck is in your future, stop by and test drive some of the ones in our vast selection to find the one that is the right match for you.