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For truck owners in Sanford and Orlando, sometimes the standard offerings just won't cut it. Sure there's power under the hood that other segments can only dream of having, but when you're well versed in the world of pickups, you can help but feel the ambition to push your experience to the next level. That's exactly what a lifted truck is all about.

What is a Lifted Truck and Why Should I Get One?

If you're a more adventurous driver that likes to go off-road, a lifted truck is a great way to enable you to challenge yourself to take on more difficult terrain. The larger ground clearance allows you to install larger tires and perhaps the best part of all is that your truck will handle the same or better than it did before depending on the type of kit you install.

There are three types of lift kits, each of which affects the truck in different ways. The standard lift kit raises your truck higher off the ground with affecting how it handles. The second type is a body lift kit, which raises your truck between one and three inches and allows you to keep your standard tires while giving them a wider margin from the body.

Body lift kits also allow the owner to keep the factory suspension installed and don't require any significant alterations to your truck's shape. The most complex type of lift kit is the suspension lift kit, which allows your truck to be boosted higher than that of a body kit. This kit is designed for drivers who want to install larger tires on their truck for high-level performance off-road.

Aside from the practicalities of the segment, lifted trucks can't help but turn heads wherever they go. Looking to make a statement on a weekend outing? Take your lifted truck out onto the sands of Daytona Beach and set up shop across from the waves. Lifted trucks look right at home on any beach, and their increased performance makes traversing sand more satisfying than an ocean breeze.

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A Diverse Inventory to Fit Every Need

No matter your brand, the team at Nations Trucks has a lifted truck that's calling your name. Choose from manufacturers like Chevy, Ford, GMC, and Ram and find the truck that fits your needs. We offer lifted trucks across a variety of models and trim levels, so no matter if you're shopping for a baseline full-size pickup or an upgraded heavy duty model, you can secure whichever you need with a lifted upgrade.

Take your pick from models such as the GMC Sierra 1500, the Ford F-150, the Ram 1500, or the Chevy Silverado 1500. Or if you have a big job to tackle that requires a bit of off-road prowess, or want to look good doing it, go for the GMC Sierra 2500, the Ford F-250, the Ram 2500, or the Chevy Silverado 2500HD.

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Why Buy from Nations Trucks

Nations Trucks is the most trusted and encyclopedic truck dealer everywhere from Orlando to Tampa. We sell only the highest quality new and used lifted trucks up and down I-4, and we've been doing business with a customer-centric approach since 1969. In that time, we've come to be experts on everything the lifted truck segment has to offer, so no matter what you need to know, we're confident that we can answer all your questions.

If you're ready to experience what a lifted truck can do for you, stop by and see the team at Nations Trucks today. We offer incredibly competitive financing and leasing rates on our entire inventory thanks to our connections with banks and lenders on both a local and national level. We work with drivers on a wide variety of budgets, so we're confident that we will find a solution that works for you.

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