Whether you are moving out of state, downsizing your fleet, or rethinking your transportation options for your growing family, Nations Trucks is the place to sell your current truck.

We have helped drivers throughout Sanford and Orlando sell their trucks to us at competitive rates. By getting your truck appraised by one of our team members is a quick and easy process. After all, we want you to be on your way with extra cash in your pocket.

To make this process even easier, you can find out the value of your truck online thanks to our appraisal tool. Just enter some of your vehicle's information, and we will take care of the rest. When you choose to trade in your truck with us, you will be receiving a reasonable and honest amount for your trade-in. You can even use that money towards a down payment on one of the quality used trucks in our inventory.


Our used truck inventory includes multiple brands, including Ford, GMC, Ram, Chevrolet, and many others. If you can't find the truck you've had in mind, please let our team know so that we can help you find it. We have one of the best pre-owned truck selections near Daytona Beach.

Tampa drivers can rely on Nations Trucks for all their automotive needs. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our vehicle appraisal process. Better yet, you can stop by our showroom to learn more.

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