Looking to bump up your current commercial truck to the next level? Flatbed trucks are capable of handling a wide range of tasks across a collection of even more diverse industries. Whether you’re a small business owner and contractor looking to upgrade your current work truck to get more done throughout the workday, or you work for a large company and are seeking to add to the ever-growing fleet of rugged trucks your line of work demands; you'll find our selection of flatbed trucks available here at Nations Trucks will fit the bill.

Our collection of flatbed trucks includes the highly praised Ram 3500 and Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. While they might not offer some of the finer luxuries found in their smaller siblings, these work trucks provide comfortable, safe, and sensible rides over all types of terrain and road conditions. Most importantly, however, they'll be sure to tackle whatever job you throw their way.

These beasts are capable of towing your construction equipment, building supplies, loaded crates, steel beams, and agricultural equipment. Flatbed trucks are noted for their exceptional abilities when it comes to hauling odds and ends materials too. If your job dictates the need to transport scrap metal and small to medium-sized farm equipment through the Daytona Beach and Tampa area, these trucks will get the job done! What's more, is they're spacious on the inside. So your whole crew can pile in for a ride over to the work site no problem.

Found a particular model that has sparked your interest? Reach out over the phone at (407) 936-2222 to chat about the flatbed truck of your choosing and set up a test drive!

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