Here at Nations Trucks, you can explore a wide range of trucks as well as lifted trucks. So, what's the difference? What separates lifted trucks from non-lifted trucks, and why should you pick one or the other? The key difference between them is that lifted trucks have extra gear that gives them more off-road ability, but there's a bit more to it than that.

Here's a quick overview of non-lifted trucks versus lifted trucks:

Presence of Lift Kits

Non-lifted trucks are generally how most trucks start out when they first roll off the assembly line. Lifted trucks have been customized and modified with lift kits that add extra gear to create more ground clearance, a higher ride height, and more. Trucks typically aren't available with lift kits right off the bat; they're added later.

Which is Better for Me?

If you're just looking for a capable truck that can help with your heavy lifting around Daytona Beach, you'll likely be happy with a non-lifted truck. Non-lifted trucks are generally easier to handle, making them more comfortable to drive around town.

If you do a lot of off-roading in the Tampa area, then a lifted truck might be better for you. Lifted trucks have more ground clearance, so they're better at traversing rough terrain. The added ride height can also give you an advantage in traffic as it allows you to get a better look at what's happening around you.

Can I Go for a Test Drive?

The best way to get a feel for the difference between non-lifted trucks and lifted trucks is to test them out yourself, so we absolutely encourage you to stop by our truck dealership serving Sanford and Orlando to go for a test run. Put your favorite trucks through their paces at our dealership today!

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