Towing with a Lifted Truck

When you're looking for a pickup truck one thing that always comes to mind is how much weight can it tow? This is also true when it comes to lifted trucks. Lifted trucks affect the towing in various ways and it's important to know how. One thing for sure it to be sure you are towing safe and legal.

Obviously lifted trucks raise the height of the truck and in turn raise the height of the trailer hitch. You can use a drop hitch to counteract the height difference and get an even level for pulling your trailer. One thing to note is that drop hitches have different weight ratings than straight hitches, so it's important to do your research. You should also note that the type of trailer you tow with will affect the towing experience because the center of gravity of the truck raises up after lifting. The tires of your truck should also be inspected for their weight ratings to ensure that they are good for your trailer.

You can tow with a lifted truck, but it is important to make sure you've done the right calculations, you're safe, and you're towing legally.

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