Tow Smartly & Safely Throughout Florida

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If you are in the market for a powerful pickup truck that you plan on towing heavy trailers with in the near future, there are some significant factors to be aware of to ensure that you do so both smartly and safely. Below you can discover a few key aspects of towing capacity that you should indeed be familiar with before you set off from point A to point B with your load attached to your truck. At Nations Trucks, we always want our customers to optimize the towing abilities of their pickups, as well as tow safely when driving around Sanford, Orlando, Daytona Beach and Tampa.

  • Know what your maximum towing capacity as well as your gross combined weight rating (GCWR) are
  • GCWR includes the weight of the pickup, the passengers, all cargo and everything being towed
  • Avoid uneven weight distribution in the trailer
  • Aim for 60% or more of the weight is in front of or on top of the trailer axle
  • Ensure that hitch height is appropriate for the height of your trailer
  • Know your optimal speeds when towing at maximum capacity

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