Should You Buy a Gas or Diesel Pickup? Nations Trucks is Here to Help!

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Here at Nations Trucks, we are committed to delivering the perfect pre-owned pickup for truck-enthusiasts here in Sanford and in the surrounding areas of Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa and beyond.

A common question that we receive at our dealership from a great deal of our customers is whether it makes more sense to buy a gas or a diesel pickup truck. While there are certainly advantages to both options, the answer to this question certainly largely depends on your unique preferences and lifestyle.


While we can't make the decision for you, what we can do is offer some main considerations. First of all would certainly be power under the hood and capabilities. It is very difficult to make a blanket statement saying if gasoline or diesel engines is the more powerful option, as it is entirely dependent on the specific make and model of the truck in question. Typically, you see higher torque and higher towing capacity with diesel, making them ideal pickups for heavy hauling across long distances. Diesel typically is also the more expensive engine option as well.

In regards to fuel efficiency, you may assume that diesel produces better numbers of the two. However, with the rise in turbocharged, direct-injected and variable-valve timing gas engines, the differences in fuel economy are becoming smaller and smaller. It truly comes down to your own personal taste and needs when you are determining between gas and diesel for your next pickup purchase.

Check out our Diesel vs. Gas page for more details, and please feel free to call us at (407) 936-2222 to ask us any questions! We'd be more than happy to chat.