Why Purchase Used with Nations Trucks? It All Comes Down to Value to Impress

If you're in the market for a pre-owned Ford pickup built tough and designed to last the test of time, there's quite the market from which to choose. And it can be a lot to process all at once. Luckily, you've got more than a few variables tilting in your favor.

First off, used vehicle models aren't subject to any standard, manufacturer-established price, so they can be a lot more competitive. Secondly, there is a much larger market selection than that of new, so variety abounds. Thirdly, initial, insurance, maintenance and depreciation costs (the last already having occurred) are often much lower than those of new-market trucks, so you'll be getting the ideal bang for your proverbial buck. And with myriad Ford truck models available here at our Nations Trucks 3700 South Orlando Dr. showroom, the choice of which model-year, model and trim best suits your drive-time and jobsite requirements is even easier.

If you're looking for an SUV to charge in like 2013 Ford Escape, we offer a model with an efficient 1.6L EcoBoost engine, tow rating of up to 4,520 pounds and heated, leather-trimmed bucket seats to keep you comfortable for the long haul.

Our diverse selection of Ford F-150, F-250 or F-350 pickups from model-years 2011 to 2016 appear in hardy 4x2 and terrain-commanding 4x4 drivetrains, and with trim options like Lariat, Lariat/FX4, FX4, XL, XLT, XLT/FX4, XLT/XTR, Platinum and King Ranch, there's a build for off-roaders and crew-lugging project managers alike.

Step up to our fully loaded Ford F-450 hailing from 2008, and you can experience the top of the Ford line, with a 6.4-liter V8 powerhouse engine, up-to-16,000-pound towing capacity, cruise control, power steering, keyless entry and more.

So when it's time to pick up a pickup, truck out to see us here at Nations Trucks in Sanford, FL, and we'll be happy to put you in the comfortable cab of a pre-owned Ford to take you across the miles and down the many roads to come. We're looking forward to defining your visit with a memorable used truck shopping experience.


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