When people hear diesel powered they most often think of bad for the environment, but that is the case with diesel powered trucks. The main difference between a gas powered truck and a diesel powered truck, other than the type of fuel, is towing power. A diesel engine is heavier than a gas engine which gives a gas powered truck a higher payload. But if you do a lot of heavy towing then you will want a diesel engine. Towing long distance that might include uphill terrain is where diesel engines excel. Not only do diesel engines have more torque, but they also have exhaust brakes, fuel economy and longevity to help get the long hauling job done.

If you want to learn more about the many different types of diesel engines that power the trucks on our lot here at Nations Trucks click here to get the diesel specs for each specific engine.

Diesel Engine Care

Proper diesel engine maintenance will help offset the cost of fuel and will extend the life-cycle for your vehicle, and your engine in particular. By keeping a careful eye on the gaskets, oil filter, and regular inspection of glow plugs will help keep your diesel engine running smoothly. Gaskets on a diesel truck should be regularly monitored since they are working under very harsh conditions and by checking them regularly you can avoid leaks. Just like changing the oil and oil filter on a gas powered car is important it is just as critical to the life of a diesel truck. Carefully selecting a good oil filter is important because of sulfur residue and carbon, which is created in the absence of completely burning the fuel. A good filter will exclude corrosive particles from the oil.

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